A Throne in Brussels

Britain, the Saxe-Coburgs and the Belgianisation of Europe

A Throne in Brussels

If Crown Princess Charlotte had not died in childbirth in 1817, she and her husband, Leopold of Saxe-Coburg, would have succeeded to the British throne. But instead the great powers installed Leopold as king of Belgium - a new, artificial state inhabited by Catholic Dutch in the North, and French-speaking Walloons in the South. Belgium is sometimes compared to multilingual Switzerland, but whereas Switzerland grew organically, gradually creating a Swiss national consciousness, Belgium is an artificial state, in which two peoples were forced to live together and where no Belgian national consciousness developed. It could fall apart in the next ten years.

Paul Belien argues that the pan-European super-state currently in the making will resemble a 'Greater-Belgium' rather than a 'Greater-Switzerland', since Europe will also be an artificial construct. Belgium has infected EU political attitudes and acts as a model for the EU � a failed attempt to 'construct a nation' out of different peoples with separate languages and traditions. To learn what  the EU as a single state might be like, take up this highly readable mix of history, analysis and warning. You'll never feel the same about Belgium again.

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Praise for A Throne in Brussels

This extremely well-written, penetrating historical analysis warns that the EU is heading the way of Belgium - towards a corrupt, corporatist, coercive construct devoid of national consciousness or cohesion. The urgent lesson for Britain? Shun the latest constitution like a poisoned Belgian chocolate!
Lord Ralph Harris

It must never be forgotten that the Belgian royal family are Coburgs with all the larger-than-life qualities and failings that Coburgs possess. This is a fascinating book after which I cannot but see the Belgian royal family in a completely new light.
Hugo Vickers

The Belgianisation of Europe is a real threat.
Lord William Rees-Mogg

Paul Belien writes with ease and erudition, and mounts an unanswerable case not only against the Belgian State, but also against the European Institutions that have been built on it and infected with its incurable disease. The warning contained in this book is simple: hold fast to your national identity, you nations of Europe, or else dissolve, like Belgium, in a sea of corruption and despair.
Roger Scruton

Paul Belien has produced an eye-popping chronicle, far removed from the official version of history promoted by the Belgian state. It is meticulously researched and delightfully readable. If you read only one book on Belgium, make it this one.
Daniel Hannan MEP


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